The Digital Flea Market

So you know how before theres a final-product, there are lots and lots of versions of things that get churned out? Sometimes you find a version that feels like “the one”… and sometimes, if you don’t find the one… you … Read More

Are ‘followers’ acquaintances or dependents?

I’ve had the opportunity being my own boss and having my own clients for close to 3 years now. Honestly its been awesome… and a big THANK YOU to anyone that I’ve had the privilege of working with – you make … Read More

When in doubt make flowers

Flowers and rainbows are not my thing, but while working on weekly images for its obvious that flowers and rainbows are lots of other people’s thing. So when I burned out… I would just make those. Just burnt out … Read More

Have a meaningful Yom Kippur

(image originally created for …and may you have a meaningful year! To anyone that I have hurt this year by doing something or by not doing enough – I am so sorry, and I will try and do better this year. … Read More

Compass Magazine: Tishrei 5775

  Happy to have had the opportunity to contribute some more illustration to this issue. The ones Im most proud of are the illustrations for an article on Chinuch (training one’s children, in their early years, in the ways of … Read More

Wondrous Parking Lot

Right outside our widow is maybe one of the last unbuilt plots of land in the area. I dont know what kinds of trees they are buy the wave in the wind like tall marsh grass. In front of those … Read More