Rosh Hashana is here…again….

Yes! Rosh Hashana is almost here again!

For some of us this is a cultural milestone.
For those of us that are observant this is a huge deal. Spiritually, but also physically! These are the ‘Holidays’ that span a solid month. Each activity whether it be cooking festive meals, fasting, praying or soul searching follows one after the other with no ‘regular life’ in between. Its what is known as an ‘immersive experience’… only you still have to be in the real world with kids who need to be entertained, some bosses that don’t understand and bills that still need to be paid. That’s intense!

Every year people send each other Rosh Hashana cards. At best, they’re cute. At worst, they’re sappy and insincere.  (my 2 cents- not everybody’s)
i.e. cute:
   May your apples be sweet
   Your honey golden
   Your Challah delicious*Hallmark you forgot to add: may your fish head be fresh…oh no! that smell!!!

But really, for such an intense holiday period… we should have better cards.
Heres by attempt:


May this be the best one yet!

“May this be the best one yet!”

We do this every year. “Shana Tovah U’Metukah”, “Have a happy and sweet new year”. Is there a point in doing it over and over and over again? Well, yes! Because in reality you’re not doing the same thing over again. This year is not the same as the last. And next year won’t be the same as this one. When we say it to a particular person at that particular time its an individual boost to help them get one level higher (whatever that may be). It is not the same. It is special :-). This card wishes the receiver to climb a little higher this year. May this year be the best one yet!

Happy Birthday World

“Happy Birthday World”

Rosh Hashana is the birthday of the world. We are part of a bigger whole. But the world is not the sum of its parts. True, we are worlds onto ourselves… but together we are amazing. This Rosh Hashana send someone a card and thank them for being an amazing part of this world!

“Have A Happy Sweet New Year”

There are so many customs. Some of them we don’t think twice about. Like apples & honey.
Why apples & honey? Surely there are things that are sweeter!?

The Garden of Eden was said to smell like an apple orchard. It was also an apple that is associated with Adam and Chava’s being forced to leave. The apple; the cause of ultimate pleasure and ultimate pain.

Honey both absorbs and preserves.

Even though our lives are far from ideal, when we dip an apple into honey we are supposed to remember The Garden of Eden and preserve it in our hearts so that when the time comes, we are open to feeling the ultimate goodness of life!

This seems like a straight forward card… with a little hint of “what?!!” via the lab coat and his sweet-o-meter machine 😉

not just another Rosh Hashana

“Not Just Another Rosh Hashana”

It’s Rosh Hashana…again. And theres a lot involved. Theres a lot to do. But if were not feeling it its all mechanical. That happens to all of us at one point or another but the real point of going through the motions is …. joy! Have a very very happy Rosh Hashana 🙂


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    Thank you for sharing the thinking and feeling that’s associated with each of these new cards! They are complex, and special, and funny, and uplifting: time to buy them!

  2. Yudis

    I love checking back often, and I LOVE seeing your meanigful , uplifting , cheerful and stun-ning cards!! I love the climbing higher one mechayl El chayl Annita!! I m so glad you re sharing to the world!