The Digital Flea Market

So you know how before theres a final-product, there are lots and lots of versions of things that get churned out? Sometimes you find a version that feels like “the one”… and sometimes, if you don’t find the one… you might scrap the whole project?

You know how sometimes when you’re looking for inspiration or want to invest your happiness in a thing… you’re not looking for perfection but just that weird little something that feels like “the one” right then?

Ha! Its a match (or a shiddush as they say)!

All those versions of illustrations, designs, occasional random drawings that I don’t know what to do with…  they’re not perfect. They may however be perfect for the moment! It’s a little like finding something at a flea market. It (usually) doesn’t cost that much, and it feels pretty awesome to find it and acquire something that not everyone else has.

Im creating a (digital) flea market for my stuff!

Once the printable files are out there…people and companies have been known to use these images for their own ends (i.e. to make money) without any benefit to the artist. Imagine somebody making $1000s off of something you created and you have nothing to show for it.

I rarely create ‘art for art’s sake’. I kind of need an audience to feel like theres a purpose to creating. That’s why most of the work I’ve done has been for clients and not for myself. So the bigger risk would be to be sitting on a stockpile of art that nobody has seen… because there would really be no purpose to it. Stuff that maybe could have improved someone’s day at a critical moment but didn’t.This stuff is all around us. That’s where the term ‘being at the right place at the right time’  comes from. Switch that to ‘the right thing at the right time’ and that’s the idea. I’d love to be up there on the wall along side your kids or grandfather’s artwork. Or be part of a gift that means something to someone. Id love for you to be my audience.


A lot of it will be trust based.
When you purchase something of mine from “The (digital) Flea Market” I am kind of trusting that you

-WILL NOT PUBLISH (not digital and not print)
-WILL NOT DISTRIBUTE (do not give out the digital file!! … you may of course give out the prints as gifts 🙂
-ARE AN INDIVIDUAL (i.e. If you want to print and give out these items in the name of your organization then you may NOT use these images. )

*If you would like to license an image (or multiple images) for commercial use please contact me directly at: annitasoble [!at]

Just like in a real flea market items will be available for a very limited time before they disappear and new items appear.

Please drop by for a visit anytime… I hope you’ll find something you’re looking for 🙂






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