When in doubt make flowers

Flowers and rainbows are not my thing, but while working on weekly images for Chabad.org its obvious that flowers and rainbows are lots of other people’s thing. So when I burned out… I would just make those.

Just burnt out again.

My very awesome husband is giving me time to do my own thing…my own thing that we can hopefully turn into something commercial. I made some cards that I liked. Those were met with: “Theyre nice, I just dont know how the commercial thing would work. Who exactly would by these and for what?” :-\

So I made this:

Mazal Tov Card

and this…
floral 2
who would buy this and why?
A: when you want to CASUALLY give someone a ginormous bouquet of flowers… but still want to be able to afford to eat.
Thats pretty much everyone. So there!

And this…

So…you know how once you see something a certain way, its hard to see it any other way?
Well, it looks like an alien to me… most things I make look like aliens to me. But usually nobody mentions it, so I chug along making more aliens. However this time Eli saw the alien too! followed by a moment of extreme connectedness and that feeling of “I know why I married you!”. And then he said: “This makes me see your pain at having to draw flowers.” = marital bliss.
But, ironically alien flower man had more facebook likes than any of my other flowers, so…chugging along.

and one more…Im losing it…

  1. Yudis
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    I love the last pict”)!! It makes me think of the say “always believe something wonderful is about to happen” …. and u can put a line on top of “about to” and had happening right now!! How can i purchase a print of it, for my kitchen wall? Annita, great stuff u have!

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