Compass Magazine: Tishrei 5775



Happy to have had the opportunity to contribute some more illustration to this issue. The ones Im most proud of are the illustrations for an article on Chinuch (training one’s children, in their early years, in the ways of Torah living). These illustrations were created by all my kids (the ones old enough to hold a writing utensil and not eat it). For the most part I just colorized and composed things a bit, and woah! acceptable for a grown-up publication!

Also started a cover image for Hakhel year (see mockup w. Compass logo), but the cover concept went in a different direction so cover art wasn’t completed. Im still fond of it though 🙂

CHINUCH_preview4-3 compass_005
compass_003 compass_002 compass_001 hakehl5775_preview002hakehl5775_preview002B

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